"Hay criminales que proclaman tan campantes “la maté porque era mía”, así no más, como si fuera cosa de sentido común y justo de toda justicia y derecho de propiedad, que hace al hombre dueño de la mujer.
Pero ninguno, ninguno, ni el más macho de los supermachos tiene la valentía de confesar: “la maté por miedo”, porque al fin y al cabo el miedo de la mujer a la violencia del hombre es el espejo del miedo del hombre a la mujer sin miedo."

Eduardo Galeano (via ontologicallybanal)

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What's your position on the phrase "you can't fight hate with hate"?

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"The big lie about capitalism is that everyone can be rich. That’s impossible. Capitalism works only if the vast majority of the population are kept poor enough to never quit working, are kept poor enough to accept distasteful jobs society cannot function without. If everyone were a millionaire, who would empty the trash or repair the sewers? It follows that the poorer the general population is made, the greater the worth of the money held by the wealthy, in terms of the lives which may be bought and sold with it."
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"If no one comes from the future to stop you, how bad of a decision could it be?"
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